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Negative Financial Impact of Having Obesity and Diabetes

Health Care
Written by Loard Axels

Diabetes and Obesity have been a complicated issue to address in American society and most parts of the world. The causes of Obesity involves various factors such as genetics and habit. The habit may comprise inactivity, physical activity, dietary pattern, exposures, and medical issues. Other additional causes in society are improper diet, environmental, physical, and much more.

Diabetes and Obesity have become a severe concern in American culture since it now promotes poor mental health results, reduces life quality and recognized as one of the primary cause of deathbed in America and also all over the world. The diseases that result from Obesity include stroke, heart disease, and other severe illness such as cancer.

Here are some of the research that shows the amount of money that usually spent as a result of diabetes and obesity condition. It also includes elastration of the victim who likely to suffer most in diabetes and obesity costs.

Health Care

Society and Economic Consequences of Obesity

Diabetes and Obesity, which causes numerous health disorders to have a significant economic impact on an American healthcare organization. The medical cost related to Obesity or diabetes might involve indirect or direct damages. The direct charges comprise diagnostics, preventive, and treatments services, while the indirect cost associate obesity includes morbidity, mortality, and productivity.

Productivity measures are the costs incurred during employee’s absentia from the workplace due to obesity health issues and a decrease in productivity when the employee is at work that is due to disability and premature mortality.  Every common factor indicates that the number of obesity reduction cannot take place without an investment.

National Estimated Obesity Expenses

The medical care expenses of obesity range between $3.38 equal to $79 per individual and $6.38 billion equivalent to $132 per individual. The total annual costs recorded in 2008 was $147 billion. Additionally, according to data statistics indicate that Obesity has also affected the price of armed forces recruitment.

The observation was done by the percentage of military age population, which exceeded the current US army who are active on duty. This result from of high percentage of body fats and height weight by using data from Nutrition-Examination-Surveys and National health. Between 2007 and 2008, 16.5 million women and 5.7million men qualified for army services surpassed the deployment standard of body fat and weight.


In regards to setting the nation straight on medical problems at hand, the economists have already concluded that no effective options about the rate of obesity reduction in America without also reducing the costs. According to obesity health research, there number several numbers of obese personalities and even interventions every number.

The reduction of the entire marginal cost most likely bring some change in a particular behavior of people in America, suitably being exercising and eating. However, the stand of the United States health on Obesity is not the ultimate problem. Luckily, there are various effective options you can use to help you improve your health without affecting your finances.

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